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Derbyshire Scout Network was formed in 2001 and is now one of the most active Scout Networks in the country with over 140 members across Derbyshire. We have a growing number of Local Networks in various parts of Derbyshire, each one catering for their local area. Each Network has its own programme of activities and our Local Networks also team up to undertake joint activities very regularly.

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  Date Event Time
County Event 29th November 2015 Duathlon 2015 11:00AM
County Event 9th January 2016 Derbyshire County Ball 2016 7:00PM
County Event 17th February 2016 - 20th February 2016 Flying High 2016
County Event 19th March 2016 The Four Inns
National Event 25th March 2016 - 28th March 2016 Network Gathering

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